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The Brazilian Society for the Study of Pain (SBED) was founded in 08/29/1983 by a group of physicians to gather in national level professionals interested in the management of several painful syndromes. Helping the interchange of national and international experiences, and being considered the Brazilian chapter of IASP (International Association for the Study of Pain), SBED has become a multidisciplinary society with affiliates from different specialties (neurologists, physiatricians, pediatricians, rheumatologists, orthopedics, anesthesiologists, acupuncturists, neurosurgeons, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physical therapists, nurses, etc.). Every two years, affiliate members get together to elect the new Board of Directors (President, Vice-President, Scientific Director, Management Director, Treasurer and Secretary), as well as to appoint the Editor of its scientific publication.

Brazilian Journal of Painwas created in 1999, and for many years this publication was managed to reach regular and high-standard publications, representing Brazilian basic and clinical pain science. Due to its high quality, as from 2009 BIREME/OPAS/WHO LILAC and Latin American database Scielo indexations were obtained, being that WebQualis evaluation for 2010-2012 has indicated the following classifications: B2 in Nursing and Interdisciplinary, B3 in Physical Education and Dentistry, B4 in Psychology and Collective Health and B5 in Medicine I, II and III. In addition to the Brazilian publication, the journal has also an English online publication, to provide broad access to its articles, including multidisciplinary original articles, case reports and reviews.

Background and objectives Brazilian Journal of Painaims at publishing original and review articles and case reports about the study of acute or chronic pain pathophysiology and therapy in human beings and animals. All health professionals studying pain are welcome to submit their descriptive studies, randomized trials, epidemiological studies, cases, reviews and laboratory research for peer review. Multidisciplinary studies are welcome.
From 2019, the authors must be registered in ORCID, without the same will not be able to submit articles for evaluation.

Areas of interest Acute pain, Chronic pain, Ethics and pain, Pain in human beings, Pain in animals, Epidemiology.



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