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Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

1. Review process: All papers must be original and will be submitted to a peer-review process (2 to 4 reviewers experts in the field of the papers). They can be accepted, accepted with revision or rejected according to relevance and originality for Brazilian Journal of Pain readers. Rejected articles will to be re-reviewed and revised articles have not guarantee of acceptance. The manuscripts need to be in accordance to all legal requirements including plagiarism and copyrights.

2. Authors: The original papers could not be published elsewhere before and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. All listed authors should have made significant contributions to the work and they should inform conflicts of interest or funding. The authors should revise the manuscript if it has been solicited within 20 days and, after acceptance, final revision of the proofs should be done within 5 days. They should keep accurate records and provide access to data from the study if they are requested. They should acknowledge the sources of contents overlapped and the studies involving humans or animals should be approved by Ethical Committees and should be according to national, local and institutional laws and requirements. If necessary, the authors should cooperate with the editor in the publication of errata due to significant errors.

3. Reviewers: The reviewers should treat the manuscripts as confidential and the revision process must be objective with clear arguments and no personal criticism. They will be preserved as anonymous. Relevant published work that had not been cited should be identified. The reviewers should not review papers that they have conflicts of interest and should call attention of the editor about similarities or overlap with other papers. They should not keep any copies of the manuscripts reviewed.

4. Editors: Editors have the responsibility of acceptance or rejection of the manuscripts to keep the quality of the publication and journal’s scope. These decisions should be based on relevance, importance, originality or quality of the papers, and will be according to the international accepted ethical guidelines. Errata pages must be published when necessary. Conflicts of interest among authors, staff, reviewers and board members should not be allowed and misconduct of the authors needs to be identified by proofs. Editors are neutral and should not discriminate due to gender, sexual orientation, geographic or ethnical origin and political or religious factors. The articles published will be according to academic merits and never due to commercial influence.

5. Publishing ethics issues: Brazilian Journal of Pain has a neutral position about the issues discussed at the journal, and its purposes are to stimulate the academic discussion in issues related to pain. The integrality of their records will be maintained. The Brazilian Pain Society and Brazilian Journal of Painensure the good practice according to the outlined above, including monitoring and safeguarding publishing ethics, avoiding plagiarism and fraudulent data, and publishing corrections and errata as necessary.